YPP: YouTube Partnership Program

CC: Content Creators

ATV Network: AwesomenessTV Network

Issues and Background


The issue at hand is that the YPP has recently changed the way they accept new and current CC within their program.

With the new policy as a CC you will need to have the following thresholds in order to claim monetization on your videos and use other tools from the YPP (YouTube Creators, 2018);(Appendix A). These requirements are:

Not only is there new thresholds for the YPP; but a number of YouTube Networks such as ATV Network, Fullscreen, Scale Lab, Maker Studios, Freedom, and a number of others; are following suite and implementing the same thresholds and releasing those who haven’t reached the thresholds (Appendix B).


The YYP is a program that YouTubers or CC can use to claim monetization on their video and make some money on the hard work that they’ve put into their work. With the further addition of using external links in Cards and End Cards; additionally Super Chat and Sponsorships (Google, 2018). YouTube has implement a variety of different thresholds and requirements in the past. The most recent requirement before this was a lifetime view count of 10, 000 views across all your videos (YouTube Creators, 2018). Which isn’t all that hard to achieve! However, with this new threshold being put in place, it’s going to make it hard for the smaller YouTubers to achieve.

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